Military Moves

We are 1 of 15 motor coach companies in Illinois that is DOD certified and able to transport military personnel. We regularly transport 1000’s of soldiers and military personnel every year.

In order to be DOD certified, operators must “successfully pass a pre-qualification safety inspection. Participating carriers must also undergo rigorous onsite safety inspections that include facility, terminal, and equipment every two years per the Passenger Safety Inspection Program. Carriers will be subject to unscheduled safety inspections to monitor continued compliance”.


  • Signed Military Bus Agreement
  • Copy of Operating Authority
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Copy of carrier personnel and complete inventory list of equipment
  • Signed copies of Statement of Common Financial or Administrative Control Sheet and Drug/Alcohol-Free Workplace Certificate
  • Standard Carrier Alpha Code
  • Certified financial statement
  • Register with the Central Contractor Registration, or (888) 227-2423
  • Fitness rating must be satisfactory
  • Prequalification inspection of equipment and facilities

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