Commitment to Cleanliness

Our number 1 priority has always been passenger safety, this includes enhancing our cleaning procedures to ensure our equipment meets/exceeds the highest standards in sanitization to reduce the spread of dangerous pathogens.

We have developed a 3-part process of Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Protecting all surfaces in our buses. (CDP program)

We are also enhancing all of our cabin filters to improve air filtration against airborne pathogens.

Read below to find out more about our CDP program.

C.D.P. Program


After each trip all of our buses go through regular routine cleaning. This 1st step focuses on removing trash, dirt/dust and other debris removed from the coach. Each bus is thoroughly mopped/swept and wiped down with a sanitizer before its next trip.


Using CDC and EPA approved products combined with Electrostatic Sprayers our cleaning crew disinfects all touch points after each trip returns.  This step focuses on all hard/non-porous surfaces.  Common touch points include hand rails, arm rests, seat belts, restroom, overhead lighting and luggage compartments.  


In addition to our regular disinfecting procedures, we have also incorporated Antimicrobial Technology in all of our buses. The product we use creates an invisible layer of positively charged microscopic spikes that effectively kill microbes and viruses for 90 days before needing retreated.

Learn more about the product we use at

Air Filtration

Air Filters

Air filtration is an important part in combating the transmission of airborne pathogens, that is why we have invested in advanced air filters. The innovative filters we use are top of the line submicron filters that have efficiencies higher than HEPA, 99.9998% @.1 micron. Our cabin filter enhancements give our customers peace of mind knowing they are breathing clean air.